I've been getting far too much spam lately, so I've changed my email address and changed how it's presented (prevents email gathering spam bots). My new email address is bishop92t@5PAMma70.com Remove the letters in all caps, I.E. the word 5PAM. Alternatively you can msg me on AIM or Yahoo - Bishop92t. You can also PM me on supraforums.com supramania.com or mkiiitech.com - username Bishop92t.

I don't mind answering tech questions however I will not answer emails regarding how to acquire any of the rare parts I have. I buy rare things to make my car more unique, helping people clone my car is self defeating. I also won't answer so called "easy questions" that you can find answers to on any of the many great forums www.supraforums.com www.supramania.com etc. Unfortunately I'm just too busy to help everyone, so I try to focus on helping those that don't have other options I.E. answers to questions that aren't commonly known.