Page O' Destruction
Afterall, what fun would breaking stuff be if you couldn't brag about it!!

Shift forks don't take abuse very well. They appear to be made of a porous cheap aluminum. The new design from Toyota appears to be much better.

Incredible amount of damage to a CT-26

Something fell into the motor and caused major havoc. We never did figure out what fell in despite extensive searching. Whatever it was it didn't come from the Supra.

A couple of the pieces we pried out.

Trying to match up the pieces with anything in the head that could have possibly fell down. The shape just isn't right to be anything from the car.

MK3 Supra subframes don't take abuse too well. Luckily a permanent fix isn't too hard.

This is what happens when you don't keep you engine full of clean oil.

More spun bearing fun.

Time for everyone's favorite game, guess which cylinders were spun!

Blown Head Gasket - this one was caused by detonation, had the gasket been metal the rings or piston would have blown to pieces.

BHG - guess which cylinders were blown :)

Headbolt got rounded off when we tried to remove it to fix above BHG. It was not prepared for my tactics ;)

Cracked head, unsure what was the cause.

Closer look.

Block from cracked head, guess which cylinder was cracked :)

Decayed aluminum water fitting, probably caused by cracked head which exhibited BHG signs

Way too many miles on this clutch. The organic material has been stripped off and deposited along a few miles of road. Needless to say the car did not move on it's own power.

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It doesn't matter what car import or domestic, we like to see destruction :)