Differences in the years

     The Mk1 (Mark 1) went from 1979-1982. I would love to have one of these as my daily driver.Tom R's
     The Mk2 went from 1982-1986. 1984 has basically two types, the P-Type (performance) and the L-type (luxury). The P-type 5speed Supras got the 160hp motor with 9.2:1 compression. The P-type automatics and all the L-type cars got the 150hp motor from 1983if this is your car, email me and I'll put your name next to this pic
     The Mk3 ran from 1986.5-1992. 1987 was the first year for the turbo. Some body changes occured in 1989, and you might be able to tell the difference between my car and this one since this one is a 89 turbo.. In 1989 the front clip changed as well as the rear. The interior got a make over too, but nothing too drastic. In 1991, the Supras got 5 star rims.Keith Hart's 89T
     The Mk4 signified a big change in Toyota as their sports car now competes with the big sports cars and also has a very bold look.  The entire car is targeted at more exotic cars like the Porsche, Corvette, and Viper. They went from 1993 to 1998. These Supras are very fast, but unfortunately still cost more than $18K.display Supra

Engine differences, specs and codes

year engine code tranny code (MT/AT) displacement compression horsepower torque (ft/lbs)
1979-1980 4M-E W50 / A40D 2,563cc 8.5:1 110@4800 rpm 136@2400 rpm
1981 5M-E W50 / A43D 2,759cc 8.5:1 116@4800 rpm 145@3600 rpm
1982 5M-GE W58 / A43DL (vacuum control) 2,759cc 8.8:1 145@5200 rpm 155@4400 rpm
1983-1984 (except 84 P-type 5spd) 5M-GE W58 / A43DE (electronic) 2,759cc 8.8:1 150@5200 rpm 159@4400 rpm
1984 P-type 5spd 5M-GE W58 / N/A 2,759cc 8.8:1 160@5600 rpm 163@4400 rpm
1985-1986 5M-GE W58 / A43DE 2,759cc 9.2:1 161@5200 rpm 169@4400 rpm
1986.5-1987 7M-GE W58 / A340E 2,954cc 9.2:1 200@6000 rpm 185@4800 rpm
1987-1989 7M-GTE R154 / A340E 2,954cc 8.4:1 230@5600 rpm 246@4000 rpm
1988-1992 7M-GE W58 / A340E 2,954cc 9.2:1 200@6000 rpm 188@3600 rpm
1990-1992 7M-GTE R154 / A340E 2,954cc 8.4:1 232@5600 rpm 254@3200 rpm
1993-1998 2JZ-GE W58 / A343E 2,997cc 10:1 220@5800 rpm 210@4800 rpm
1993-1998 2JZ-GTE V160 or V161 / A343E 2,997cc 8.5:1 320@5600 rpm 315@4000 rpm

  • The MK3 Supra specs:
    • DOHC 3.0 liter 24 valve turbo inline 6 producing 232 hp (6.5psi).
    • 254 ft-lbs @ 3200 rpm - torque
    • Engine code 7MGTE, chassis code MA70, tranny code R154.
    • 440cc injectors (peak/hold, low impedance, pintle), fuel pressure is 33-40psi
    • Electronic distributorless ignition including 3 coil packs mounted on top of the engine
    • 8.4:1 compression, cylinder pressure: 156psi
    • Limited Slip Differential, clutch based, 3.73 final drive ratio.
    • Tires - front & rear 16x7 225/50ZR16 (stock tires were Goodyear Gatorbacks which aren't made anymore)
    • Four wheel independent unequal length double wishbone suspension with adjustable gas-filled struts and front and rear stabilizer bars
    • Four wheel ventilated disc brakes, one piston caliper (blech)
    • Fuel tank - 18.5 gal, but fuel pump will only pump out about 16.5 of that 18 gallons
    • Coefficient of drag - .32
    • Miles Per Gallon (MPG) - 18 city, 23 highway
    • Stock oil cooler, power steering cooler, turbo intercooler, radiator and AC condensor - the front of the car is a mess!
    • SRS drivers side airbag, ABS or ESC (electronic skid control) as Toyota sometimes called it
  • Acceleration and Braking:
    • 1/4 mile in 15.60 sec @ 90mph
    • Lateral acceleration listed as - .875g
    • 60-0 mph - 3.15 sec distance - 122.73 ft
  • The comforts and options:
    • Digital AC/heater
    • Power windows, locks, mirrors, antenna, seats, heated (defrost) side mirror and back window
    • Instrumentation includes - Speedometer, tachometer, temperature, odometer, trip odometer, boost pressure, fuel guage, low fuel light, oil pressure, engine light hooked up to cars computer, light burn out, door open, radiator fluid low, TEMS level, ABS warning light, airbag light, headlights "high beam" indicator, and e-brake on or brake fluid low.
    • Tilt/telescoping steering wheel, steering wheel mounted cruise control
    • Stock radio was a double DIN CD player, tape deck and AM/FM radio with 8 speaker system and an external amp. 91+ got 6.5" speakers in the door instead of the 4" the earlier MK3's got.
    • TTDS - Toyota Theft Deterrent System (it works well, especially the starter kill)
    • 10-way electronically adjustable driver sport seat (its very comfortable)
    • Auto-fade out dome lights
    • Speed sensitive power steering
    • Halogen flip-up headlights and halogen fog lights (auto-off for both)
  • Things I Don't Have:
    • Headlight washer pre-89 Supras only.
    • Enhanced TTDS has a glass breakage sensor and remote door locks (89-92 option)
    • Stock subwoofer was an option in 91-92's.
    • Super Monitor which tells MPG, miles left on tank, gallons of gas consumed, clock, calendar, stopwatch,timer, and Service Interval Reminder - this is rare, only the 86.5-88 models had it.