In case you haven't guessed by now I have two hobbies: cars and computers. Well the computer thing got out of control and now I'm a freak for electronics too. Some of the pictures are thumbnails and can be clicked for larger pictures. Here's a list of some of my stuff:

Garmin iQue 3600
     My newest toy is a Garmin iQue 3600 - GPS and PDA all in one. It runs on the Palm OS with proprietary Garmin software for the GPS. Simply an awesome unit for traveling. You can plot routes, find local food places and attractions, work on spreadsheets and documents, play MP3's, it's basically a miniature computer. It's hard to imagine traveling without it now.

Sony DSC-F707
     My Sony DSC-F707 provides me with some amazing quality pictures you see on this website. 5.0 megapixel, Carl Zeiss lens, and more manual settings then you can shake a stick at. It uses physically small memory sticks (about 1/2 a stick of gum) available in sizes ranging from 8 meg to 4 gig, and it needs a lot of picture space. At the highest resolution the pictures are about 2.4 meg. I currently have one 128meg chip, two 8 meg chips, a Hoya UV filter, 2 batteries, a nifty little carrying case and a tripod. See my old DSC-S70 retailed for about $1100 new

My Main Laptop
     Finally updated my pathetic excuse for a laptop :) Bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 8600. P4 Centrino 1.6ghz, 512mb RAM, 40 gig HD, widescreen 15.4" UXGA, hot swappable between DVD reader/CD burner combo or extra battery. I'm really glad I went with the UXGA display that a friend recommended, the screen is incredibly sharp and colorful. Since I'm going to be using this to conduct business on, I needed something that could do graphic design and handle large spreadsheets. So I didn't opt for the fastest CPU, I spent that money on display, RAM and the extra battery. It certainly blows my old Dell Lattitude out the water. Dell Inspiron 8600

My Main Computer

     Well this is my Main PC. Current specs are AMD 3200, Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo, 512mb RAM (soon to be upgraded), over 300 gigs of storage in SATA IDE and SCSI hard drives, 2 exhaust and 2 intake fans (all UV reactive) on a full-tower case, dual 300w PSU (with UV reactive fans), 3 blacklight tubes, rounded UV reactive EIDE cables, Asus GeForce 4 TI4600, Plextor 8x and 12x DVD Burners (one IDE one SATA), Adaptec 2930 SCSI card, NEC Accusync 19" monitor (FE950), Microsoft laser mouse, and a partridge in a pear tree. AMD hasn't ever been my first choice but I have to admit they have come a long way since I first started with computers. This computer is as rock stable as my Pentiums have ever been and it's blazing fast. See another pic UV = power

Playstation 2

     Here's my Playstation 2 (PS2) which I bought on the day Gran Turismo 3 (GT3) came out. Coincidence, I think not. I only bought the PS2 for GT3, which is the same reason I bought my PSX - for GT and GT2. Currently I've got GT3, GT4, Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA), GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Legaia 2, FF X and The Simpsons Hit and Run.
     I also got some Monster Cable S-Video cables which greatly improved the sharpness of both DVD's and gaming. The effect was immediately noticeable and I would highly recommend these cables to anyone despite their $35 price tag. Clicking on the bottom picture on the right will show you a comparison between the scrawny Sony RCA's and the Monster S-Video cables. You can see another angle here.
PS2, GT3, MadCatz Mem Card

Nokia 6230 cell phone

     All the typical GSM media/gallery/polyphonic/mp3 ringtone features + high resolution color screen, mp3 player, FM radio, camera and video recorder. Haven't had any problems with the lack of GSM coverage, traveled a good bit in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana and only lost signal once for about 30 minutes (I was on some back country road). Before this phone I had a Nokia 6200, Nokia 3360, and an Audiovox CDM-9000.color goodness

TI-85 Graphing Calculator
     Well this is a bit old school, but I really enjoy my TI-85 calculator. I've had it for quite a few years and it's come in handy many times. I've used it for everything from recording my cars gas mileage to storing information required for work/school/whatever. Ever since I got my Garmin 3600 I haven't had much use for the TI-85. TI-85