Pictures of the Moment

The 1st I took at a friends place of employment. A Toyota fork lift, f-n awesome! The 2nd I took in Biloxi at a CCS meet. The 3rd I took with a friend in a nearby park. The 4th pic is from the local Supra clubs bi-monthly afterhours meet that occurs at the Port Of Call in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Very relaxed atmosphere and they serve the best hamburgers ever. The last picture is one I took a while ago with a friend in an industrial part of town.


Always updated most recent pic

Wet night I brought the car home

Bone-Azz stock

Notice the larger 6.5" door speaker grills exclusive to 91+ Supras

Closeup on the 16" 5 spoke rims exclusive to 91-92 Supras

Snow, in Louisiana, weird stuff! Since it hasn't snowed here since 91 I can say this is the first time my 92 has seen snow! :)

Supra suspension field-day

Notice the drop on Tokico's. The tires fit in the wheel well better.

Original interior at night

87 - crooked exhaust
89 - no exhaust
92 - no exhaust tips

Old pic of Dave and 89T, Me and 86.5, and Thomas w/ 87. This was taken July 4th, damn we're patriotic :)

Mini-Meet - what a great day to remove the targa :)

Mini-Meet - Dave 89T, My 92T, Ben 87T

The street lights threw my camera for a major loop and my TEAL car came out PURPLE. Dave's red 89T was barely affected

Ahh, my favorite view of my favorite cars :)


Favorite X 2 version 2.0

Replacing HG + turbo upgrade

Replacing HG + turbo upgrade

Replacing HG + turbo upgrade