Bishop's Tech Tip Page

Working on the Supra can be frustrating if you are a new mechanic, not used to working on import cars or not used to working on turbo cars. I made a few tech tips for some of the more difficult things about Supra ownership.

Basic Time Savers:
  • The biggest time saver for any project is learning how to combine projects to save time. Don't run the car ragged waiting on a part, but spend some time thinking and researching what else you could be doing. For example if you are replacing your head gasket and thinking about doing a turbo swap soon, try to put off the HG replacement until your turbo is ready. Removing the turbo can be a PITA and if you combine those two projects you will save yourself at least 3 hours of labor. While the head is off you could remove the EGR, replace the valve stem seals, check valve clearances, change intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, etc.
  • The second biggest time saver is figuring out exactly how to tackle something. What tools, what position, what you should remove, etc. Get familiar with the local auto parts stores, you might find a tool that is a major time saver, like a 14mm ratcheting wrench for the turbo. Chances are that tool will come in handy on another project. You can never have too many tools. If you're trying to remove something and it seems impossible, step back for a minute and think about what other directions you can come from. If you're like me and are right handed you may find some things are easier to reach with your left hand, like the oil filter. Sometimes you can save 30 minutes of time by removing something that takes 5 minutes, always look for that possibility.
  • This is probably the most overlooked thing I see new guys do while working on their Supra - not keeping clean. Don't let your hands get all full of grease and oil, you won't be able to grip onto anything and the mess just gets spread. Keep a rag handy to get most of the grease off. Your hands don't have to be spotless, just able to maintain grip on tools. Also, when you take a part off your car, go ahead and clean it. Doesn't take that much time and before you know it your whole engine will be very clean. The cleaner you keep things the easier it is to work on the car. First you can see parts and leaks much easier. Second, your hands won't get nearly as nasty so you won't have to keep wiping them.

Tips and tricks:

Basic Maintenance If you don't have your owners manual then this is the page for you!
Boost Leak: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Repair You might be surprised how common boost leaks are and how many different symptoms they can cause.
Clutch Change Guide to removing the R154 or W58 transmission.
CT-26 Turbo Removal The project of a thousand swear words. The first time I tried to remove the turbo it took me about 10 hours, I can now do it in less then an hour. With this guide you can to.

Helpful images:
These have been a big hit in the Supra community. Pictures of a mostly stock Supra with all the parts labeled. Ever wondered where XXX part is? These images are for you.
Straight on view of engine bay
Left side view of engine bay
Right side view of engine bay
Right side of front suspension
Left side of front suspension
Front underside view of Supra
Middle underside view of Supra
Rear underside view of Supra